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Dairy Shot with Peptan

4 Wednesday September

A sweet probiotic drink to help digestion and maintain bone health. This fresh, high-protein, treat packs in all that is good for your bones!
Peptan helps to build the bone matrix, while kefir offers digestive and gut-health benefits.

Ingredients (for 5 glasses, or 1 liter)
Peptan Collagen Peptides (50g)
Sugar (20g)
Semi-skimmed milk (925g)
Kefir-ferment (lactic acid bacteria & yeasts) (5g)


  1. Mix Peptan and sugar into a pan with cold milk, before whisking
  2. Heat the mixture for a few minutes (not boiling) in a pan, before cooling down to room temperature
  3. Add the kefir-ferment while stirring with a plastic or wooden spoon
  4. Put the liquid in an airtight pot and place in the dark at room temperature for 24 hours
  5. Place in the fridge and leave for 1 day after maturation
  6. After maturation, stir the fermented milk well with a plastic or wooden spoon – soon, it will become a drinkable yoghurt! Be sure to store in the fridge.