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Peptan-Almond cookies recipe

04 Sep 2019

Almond cookie with Peptan

A delicious cookie with skin-beauty and mobility benefits. This guilt-free treat contains 15% Peptan collagen peptides, which are proven to promote skin beauty and provide support to your flexibility....

Peptan-granola bar

04 Sep 2019

Cereal Bar with Peptan

Shown in clinical studies Peptan Collagen Peptides can help improving collagen network and skin hydration levels, which is supported by natural antioxidants from goji berries (beta-carotene), raisins,...


04 Sep 2019

Collagen Jelly with Peptan

Discover Peptan’s health benefits through this marvelous jelly! This high-protein dessert contains 5% Peptan collagen peptides, which provide healthy-aging benefits and promote skin-beauty, while be...

Peptan-miso soup recipe

04 Sep 2019

Miso soup with Peptan

Miso soup is a traditional Japanese soup, the intense umami flavor nourishes and warms you from the inside. High in protein, vitamins and with added Peptan, this miso soup is not only a tasty comfort ...

Peptan-drink recipe

04 Sep 2019

Dairy Shot with Peptan

A sweet probiotic drink to help digestion and maintain bone health. This fresh, high-protein, treat packs in all that is good for your bones! Peptan helps to build the bone matrix, while kefir offers ...

04 Sep 2019

Panna Cotta with Peptan

Enjoy the benefits of Peptan with this smooth, sweet dessert. The gelatin leaves are a stabilizer which gives the Panna Cotta a luscious, smooth texture with a pleasing mouthfeel. If you want a heaven...