Unique collagen matrix for joint care

Colartix - Flex in motion

Rousselot Health & Nutrition launches its unique collagen matrix from natural cartilage for joint care backed by consumer science. The scientific results of the research are based on a study with more than two hundred consumers. The study was performed in a real-life setting across age, gender and activity level. This ingredient is suitable to be integrated in dietary supplements and functional foods and beverages.

Mobility and joint care

We want to stay active and enjoy maximum mobility for as long as possible in life. For some of us, this active means running marathons and going on strenuous mountain biking rides, using fitness trackers and smart devices to monitor their performance; some of us are less ambitious and simply want to enjoy walking the dog or feel comfortable going up and down the stairs.


Whatever the level of intensity, physical activity puts our bodies under pressure. Like aging, engaging in high-impact movement or sports, even for younger people, can result

  • Stiffness
  • Discomfort
  • Locking in the knees, hips, shoulders and lower spine region

We are recognizing our ability to move freely and efficiently requires healthy joints that function smoothly and recover well after exercise. More and more of us are looking for nutritional solutions to achieve the necessary nutrients intake to reduce joint inflammation and discomfort and to maintain healthy joints.

Understanding joints

As humans, we have about 350 joints in our bodies. Among them are our synovial joints, a special subgroup that exists in different parts of our bodies such as shoulders, elbows, knees and more. They are also called free motion joints, as they facilitate a wide range of movements. Of all the types of joints in our bodies, our synovial joints are most often affected by the negative impact of exercise.

A joint consists of at least two movable parts, or bodies. At the point at which they meet, bones are covered with hyaline cartilage, which provides cushioning and reduces friction as they slide over or against each other. Approximately 60% of cartilage consists of a substance called collagen type II and 40% the other matrix elements. The hyaline cartilage in synovial joints is a very firm gel-like substance that has a specific form and function. This cartilage contains water and a specific build-up of molecules. This duo is responsible for protecting and supporting the hyaline cartilage that keeps our joints working the way we want them to.

Colartix: Flex in motion

Nourishing the joints from within

Unique collagen matrix


Colartix, derived from cartilage, is made of naturally occurring collagen peptides and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs).

What makes Colartix special

  • Natural safe solution
  • Reduce joint discomfort*
  • Fast action
  • Traceable and backed by science
  • Patent application filed
  • Specific technological process developed

Science, tested in real life

In a recent placebo-controlled consumer study involving more than 200 consumers of different genders, all ages and across activity types from gardening, brisk walking to marathon training. A daily intake of 1g Colartix demonstrated a steadily decrease in joint discomfort across gender, age and sport intensity.

In below graph, you will see the overall reduction in joint discomfort over the course of 12 weeks.

Changes in joint pain after exercise were assessed by the participants using a Visual Analog Scale (VAS)

Colartix supplemented group reported reduced joint pain after exercise, whilst in the placebo supplemented group joint pain remained steady over time.*

  • Significant results after 3 weeks for all ages, genders and physical activities

  • Still significant decrease 4 weeks after wash-out phase compared to initial pain indication

  • Only 3% drop out rate in Colartix group compare to 19% in placebo group

*Newman, C. et al. 2022. The effect of a natural matrix of collagen types and chondroitin sulfate on joint discomfort in physically active adults: a real-life setting study. Submitted to publication.

How to use Colartix

Colartix is safe, easy to use and versatile. At a low daily dosage of 1g, you can mix it with other ingredients and it is perfectly suitable to be integrated in supplements, foods and beverages.

Colartix is currently available in selected countries, for more details please contact us