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28 Mar 2022

Rousselot® set to inspire at Vitafoods 2022 with new consumer study into its unique collagen matrix for joint care

At this year’s event, Rousselot’s exhibition will reintroduce its all-in-one collagen matrix designed to provide joint care solutions for a wide range of consumer demographics. In addition, the co...

04 Dec 2021

Rediscovering porcine collagen

Pork is a relatively overlooked source of collagen peptides. yet it’s been part of our diets for many thousands of years. so in this article we’re going to look at what porcine collagen is, its hi...


08 Nov 2021


Every so often, we like to interview a Peptan co-branded partner about their company and products. In this edition, we present Sanomotion and their ‘beauty from within’ powder, Radiance Boost. ...

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29 Sep 2021

Product of the month - Meeting Malaysia's health, fitness and beauty needs with Naturion

Continuing our series of monthly interviews with Peptan co-branded partners, we introduce Naturion, a company that works with Peptan to produce high-quality Naturion collagen for the market in Malaysi...


23 Sep 2021

How do you find your inner strength?

For centuries, collagen has been a champion in achieving beauty from within. Aside from being an essential skin component, collagen is also a key element... ...


20 Sep 2021

#COLLAGENTALK, EP 2 – Clare Otridge talking about collagen peptides for Hair Beauty

In this interview we discuss the outcome of a focus group using Peptan for Hair beauty. And the results were very surprising....


24 Jun 2021

What’s the difference between collagen peptides and hydrolyzed collagen?

There is no difference. The terms collagen peptides and hydrolyzed collagen are synonymous and used interchangeably for the same product. ...

10 Feb 2021

Why Revive Active’s ‘super supplements’ are becoming a global success

In this month’s interview with a Peptan co-branded partner, we present Revive Active, an Ireland-based company that produces the highest quality ‘super......


03 Dec 2020

Like mother, like daughter

Answer to Sandy and Noely’s youth secret - Collagen. We went backstage with Sandy to find out how Sandy and her mother Noely managed to stay youthful....

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09 Nov 2020

Start your day with Sontal® Collagen, celebrating 10 years of promoting quality of life

On the program Elmarie and Johan Esterhuyse, owner and co-founder, tell the story behind SONTAL® collagen and provide a short introduction to the benefits of their product with Peptan collagen peptid...

Papendal signing agreement

30 Sep 2020

Dutch Olympic and Paralympic athletes continue to rely on collagen

Peptan producer Rousselot and Dutch National Sports Centre Papendal teamed up in 2019 and have agreed to extend their partnership through to next year’s Games....

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28 Sep 2020

Product of the Month - Creating a universal health style with Mattisson

Mattisson Healthstyle, a company passionate about healthy and sustainable products which has developed several products containing Peptan collagen peptides  for promote a healthy lifestyle....