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13 Jul 2020

Peptan Runners: Hooked on running | Paula Rossi

As soon as I heard about the Peptan Runners program, I wanted to get involved. Before that, I had only ever walked; I’d never done anything like serious running training. So the thought of challengi...


09 Jul 2020

Peptan Runners: Running is a fun way to socialize with colleagues | Ademir

I already spend a lot of time cycling and swimming, but I wanted to add another physical activity to my routine. Running seemed like the perfect option ... ...


09 Jul 2020

Peptan Runners: Running has made me feel happier and more energized | Peterson Godoi

After a tough period of exams, I thought it was the right time to change my diet and start getting more physically active. When I was invited to join the Peptan Runners team, it felt like a turning po...


17 Jun 2020

Peptan Runners: Running gives me the feeling of freedom | Dyane

I love running. Running is my therapy. When I get out there, I can turn everything else off. It gives me the feeling of freedom....


11 Jun 2020

Peptan Runners: Keeping mind and body in balance | Marcelo

There are so many benefits to the Peptan Runners program. The team organizes training and events for us, while specialized professionals give us technical support and nutritional advice......


05 Jun 2020

Peptan Runners: Learning to love running | Amanda

The Peptan Runners program has brought benefits to everyone: it encourages us all to be physically active, as well as meet people from other departments....