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Discover Peptan’s amazing journey since its creation.


Let’s discover the history of Peptan’s creator – Rousselot – since its creation in 1891, in a nutshell.

Rousselot Factory

Our story began in France in 1891, when Edouard Rousselot founded the family-owned business – Rousselot starting with the production of gelatin.

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The company quickly expanded over the years and our commitment to high-quality, safe products, enabled us to develop an extensive understanding of ingredients made out of collagen – both operationally and technologically. In 2008, Rousselot started to produce Peptan collagen peptides, using an innovative process and in 2018, new types of collagen-based products were developed, such as Peptan IIm.

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Today, Rousselot produces and distributes several hundred product references, all derived from collagen-rich raw materials. Within a few years, Peptan has become the world’s leading collagen brand.


Follow Peptan’s history step-by-step.


Foundation of Rousselot, roots for today’s leading gelatin and collagen manufacturer in the world
Edouard Rousselot, a French businessman founded the company Rousselot. At that time the main business was manufacturing glue. The production of gelatin started around 1900.


Factory in Angoulême, France is acquired
During the period of fast growth of the gelatin industry. Rousselot acquired the gelatin and glue factory SCF (société des colles de France) in Angoulême.


Factory in L’Isle-sur-la Sorgue, France is acquired
The following year, L’Isle-sur-la Sorgue joined the Rousselot group to specialize in manufacturing gelatin for photographic industry. At that time, Rousselot was the first manufacturer of photographic gelatin. Today, Angouleme and L’Isle sur-la Sorgue are still operational and remain two of the most important Rousselot factories.


Factory in Ghent, Belgium is built
Following the success of glue and gelatin business, the company took off with exports in the 50s. In 1962 the company expands by building a gelatin factory in Ghent, Belgium.


Becoming leader of the French chemicals industry
The company employed by this time 1000 people and was ranked as the 250th largest company in France.


Rousselot becomes part of ATO Chimie
Growing at a rapid speed from 315 to 1,064 million francs between 1968 and 1976, Rousselot sought the support of a reputable partner – Elf-Aquitaine and Total (ATO Chimie). Rousselot’s workforce grew to 4,000 employees.


Rousselot becomes part of Sanofi
Sanofi, a subsidiary of Elf-Aquitaine acquired Rousselot and in subsequent years until 1991, Rousselot purchased factories in Dubuque (USA) and Girona (Spain).


Rousselot becomes part of SKW
SKW, a subsidiary of German group VIAG took over Sanofi Bio Industries.


Expansion in Asia
In parallel to the structure change, Rousselot pursued international expansion in Asia. Factories were acquired in Kaiping (China). Throughout early 2000s sales offices were set up in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Tokyo (Japan), and plants through joint venture in Wenzhou (China), Da’an (China).


Rousselot becomes part of Vion
The VION food group oversaw the development of Rousselot, supporting its expansion plan in China, Brazil and then in the growing hydrolyzed collagen market.


Rousselot returned to world’s no. 1 in gelatin production
Through the acquisition of Brazilian company Rebiere, leader in the Brazilian gelatin market and one of the ten largest producers in the world, Rousselot reclaimed it top position.


Rousselot acquires Peptan brand and business
The company strengthened its product offering based on its long history of expertise to the health and nutrition sector by acquisition of Peptan collagen peptides range distributed by German company BHJ Products GmbH.


Rousselot becomes part of Darling International
Vion Ingredients was acquired by US group Darling Ingredients International, a global leader of sustainable food, feed and fuel ingredient solutions, further supporting Rousselot’s growth of gelatin and Peptan collagen peptides.


Peptan IIm, bringing joint health a step closer
With the success of Peptan, Peptan IIm, a hydrolyzed collagen type II matrix developed specifically for joint health, has been added to the Peptan portfolio.


Rousselot rebranded:
Meeting the evolving market and consumer needs, Rousselot is restructured into three key segments providing tailored services to our customers- Rousselot Health & Nutrition, Rousselot biomedical and Rousselot Functional Ingredients. With Peptan being part of the Rousselot Health & Nutrition segment.


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